[Review] Sleek Matte Me in Bittersweet

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Hello, Beauties!

Welcome back for another lip cream review! This is the newer shade of Sleek Matte Me. I have tried the older color, Birthday Suit, which you can read the full review here. Now, I am trying shade Bittersweet. Read the full review below 🙂



Sleek Matte Me in shade Bittersweet


This is the same old packaging, but newer shade. Bittersweet is a coral pink color. It actually looks good on a warm skin tone like mine, but not my choice of color for daily use. It’s a little bit too bright for my liking.



Shade & Batch Info


Bittersweet Lip Swatch


How about the formula? Lots of people like it, I personally hates it. Okay, here’s the problem. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with the products or my lips. But, each time I apply it, it feels different on my lips. Sometimes it’s good, feels smooth on my lips, and transferproof. But sometimes it’s crumbling, sticky, and ultra-drying. So, uuurrrgghh, I can handle being a moody person, but I can’t handle a moody lip cream!



Product Info

Sleek Matte Me

shade: Bittersweet

price: Rp 120.000,-


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